Flowers for your Office or Business…. A Practical Practice!

17 May

Busy Bee Design Studio is happy to provide your company with a beautiful fresh flower arrangement every week. Do you know that flowers are not only a decoration in your workplace but also promote the workers’ productivity? According to Dr. Roger Ulrich of Texas A&M University, both men and women demonstrate more innovative thinking, generating more ideas and solutions in the Environment that included flowers and plants, Additional research recently showed that when you see fresh flowers even for a few minutes in a day, stress and anxiety are reduced and even depressions are relieved.

We are pleased to announce our newest program for our corporate or business customers:
“Busy Bee’s Buds – Corporate.”
 In this program, you agree to a regular delivery (weekly, bi-weekly,) of flowers to your office; in exchange, we offer you several different discounts for these arrangements.

Program highlights

We deliver flowers to your office weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

You decide the value of arrangement, and pay only for the flowers, no delivery, vases, or labor.

You choose the style, and can specify any flowers that you do or don’t want in your arrangements.

Receive special discounts on gifts and deliveries to your clients and Employees. (with 48hour Window)

Program Details
The flowers can be arranged in a vase that you provide us.  Or we can provide a vase at no extra charge, and will exchange the vase at each time we deliver. We will deliver flowers to your office weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  You decide on the value of the flower arrangement, and pay only for the Flowers plus tax. There is no delivery charge, vase charge or labor fees.  At the end of each month, we will Charge the flowers to your credit card or send you a copy of the months invoice so you can pay be check.

And depending on your level of commitment, you will also receive discounts on any other purchases your company makes throughout the month, so sending flowers to a co-worker or client who is celebrating a milestone event, like a birth, marriage, promotion, or birthday is easier than ever before. Just simply call or email us the delivery information and the account number you would like to use and we will get your gift out as quickly as possible (48 hour Advanced notice Required).

Join the program today and take advantage of this great opportunity, not only for you personally, but also for your Clients and Employees!

“Busy Bee’s Buds – Corporate.”Order Form
Company Name:


Zip Code:
Contact Person:


Delivery Address:


Zip Code:
Delivery Cycle : Weekly / Bi-Weekly
Day of Delivery : Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
Business hours:
Billing Cycle: Weekly / Monthly
Billing Contact:
House Account Number:
Credit Card:

Expiration Date:
CVC Number:
Price Points
Modest: 45.00 -60.00 Per Delivery
Premium: 60.00 – 95.00 Per Delivery
Deluxe: 95.00-175.00 Per Delivery
Amount Per Delivery:
Colors Preferred:
Tall / Med / Low
Round / One Sided
Discount on other purchases:

Special Request: (please include any flowers or colors that you would not like to see in your arrangements, as well as favorite flowers and items)

Busy Bee Design Studio
11500 Jollyville Rd Suite 2321
Austin, TX 78759
512-696-2371 Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about your corporate or personal floral and gift needs. We are always happy to serve!


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