Summer Color Schemes!

12 May


Some people think that red is more appropriate for winter and fall weddings, and ya, maybe it fall and winter themes would be the first to come to mind, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. Using red in the right proportion to other colors quickly and easily turns red into the perfect summer wedding color. Think of all the Summer flowers that grow very red in the Texas Hill Country! GeorgeTown Texas has named it self the Poppy Capital of Texas during the Late Spring an Early Summer there are red patches every where you look along the side of the road.

Great summer wedding color combinations for red include champagne, pink and yellow.

summer wedding colors
Whimsy, exotic greens, and hints of softer colors 
make red a wonderful summer wedding color!


Lavender works so well for summer weddings because it conjures up images of Mediterranean Europe and gentle afternoons in the park. One of favorite themes for a summer wedding is, in fact lavender! With lavender spilling into favors (lavender tea or lavender plants), and even your menu (lavender shorbet or lavender pork) it’s a uniquely beautiful start to a summer wedding theme. A great Venue to think about along with a Mediterranean Theme is the Villa Antonia, located just outside of Austin on Lake Travis with a Beautiful Tuscan feel. Also think of locations like the Mandolla Winery or Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center!

Great color combos for lavender include terra cotta, blues, greens and bright pink or yellow.

summer wedding colors
Various shades of lavender give depth while hints of pink or yellow add a cheery feeling to lavender themes


Yellow is a cheery color, so if you’re after a bright cheery wedding yellow is a really simple and obvious choice. Give yellow a more traditional feel by incorporating the the with yellow accents, or the brightness of the sunflower with a dramatic brown. Another great, and unique color combo is yellow and silver. Images of sexy silk dresses and and minimal decor come to mind for a sleek but cheery wedding.

Great color combos for yellow include white, brown, fresh green, and blue.

summer wedding colors
Use yellow on it’s own or mix it with brown, white or green for an interesting and unique take on cheery


Pink is one of the summer wedding colors that jumps to mind when thinking of a summer wedding. Mixed with almost any color it adds a feeling of romance and innocence. Strong shades of pink are dramatic and if used on it’s own is great for outgoing brides looking to make a statement and have loads of fun. Using different shades and tints of pink add a sense of depth, subtly and romance to your wedding.

Great color combos for pink include brown, mix of tints and tones, a delicate purple.

Use pink on it’s own for drama, mix with different shades of pink or brown for a subtle and romantic feel.


White is one of the first colors that comes to mind when planning a wedding, regardless of season. So, to make your white wedding work as the perfect summer wedding color additions of green, bold blues, and free-flowing bouquets are small things to make it really fresh and summery.

Great summer wedding color combos for white include blue, green, and pink.

summer wedding colors
Mixing with green or bold blue and pinks gives it a distinctly fresh and summery feeling.

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